The Photographer


I have had an occasional interest in photography since the mid 80's. I am not quite sure how it started. I have enjoyed art in one form or another since I was very young and spent many of my formative years trying to emulate my idles in the figure and fantasy art genre. Boris Vallejo was, and still is, my hero in this arena with his incredibly life-like rendering of people and creatures. I am not certain it was an enjoyment of art that paved my route into photography, though, I didn't really think of it that way. I always found myself wanting to capture the essence of scenes that took my breath away and share them with others, but it was as much the technical appeal of the gadgetry as the creative aspect of photography that first peaked my interest.

However it happened, I got my first real SLR (a Pentax Z1) in 1993, and quickly realised that there was much more to this passtime than the point-and-shoot photography I had indulged in to that point. Nevertheless, photography remained for the most part an occasional interest. Living in West Wales as I did at the time it was easy to find stunning landscapes to point a camera at, which made me a very lazy photographer but was sufficient to satisfy my interest. In 1997 I moved to Cambridge and discovered fairly quickly how spoiled I had been in Wales. The fenland landscape is, at best, uninspiring and without the inspiration of stunning surroundings my enthusiasm for photography waned. My trusty Pentax lay gathering dust until, in 2002, I attended a Photoshop course that I needed for a web-design project. Working with this software and chatting to the instructor Keith Heppel, a professional photographer himself, fired my interest once again. In the years since, after a few more photography courses; discovery of slide film and then black and white, followed by the obligatory apprenticeship in a darkened room wallowing in nasty chemicals; the inevitable slide towards digital and a sizeable investment in kit it is fair to say that photography is well on its way to taking over my life.

These days, although landscape and travel photography are still my primary subject matter, I have become far more of a generalist. My old interest in fantasy and figure art has come to the fore again through photography and I have a keen interest in portrait and figure subjects. The on-going challenge to obtain that elusive perfect image has me hooked, though, and I am always on the lookout for new and interesting subjects. More than anything, since my rebirth into photography I have found that there is magic in the lens. Training oneself to wield this magic is the art of the photographer and in so doing we find we can transform the unassuming, the mundane and the unnoticed into the remarkable. There is, after all, beauty everywhere we look; the trick is seeing it.

The Image Still is the work of Alan Lush. I hope you enjoy the galleries...


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